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Integrate Customized reCaptcha in your PHP Application

Captchas are an essential part of an online web form to prevent automated spam bots accessing your application. Though creating captchas is not a rocket science in PHP and can be easily integrated into web based forms but creating a more usable and accesible captcha which can even read out captchas on the fly is … Read More

Create Thumbnail Images with Rounded Corners

If you have been using Facebook, then you might have noticed thumbnail images with rounded corners in new Facebook homepage. If you would like to have similar effect for thumbnails in your application, then here’s a quick and easy way to do it. We’ll be using phpThumb, the open source PHP script to generate thumbnails … Read More

5 Libraries that Help You Generate Excel Reports in PHP Application

Microsoft Excel is still the most widely used data analysis, report generation tool. If you have ever worked on any enterprise application, you must have got across the requirement of having excel export facility for various reports available in your application. Today, we will look at various options available to PHP developers for exporting data … Read More

Add Dynamic Scroll to Top Button to Your Web Pages

While reading lengthy web pages, readers often look for a link that’ll take them back to the top of the page without having to scroll upwards. Here’s a nice jQuery plugin that’ll add a dynamic Scroll To Top link to your web pages. It is dynamic in the sense that it won’t show up when … Read More

10 Ways To Make Your Blog’s Comment Form Stand Out

WordPress comment form is usually the left out portion of most blog designs. Most blog designers do not care to make the comment form unique and stylish but just create it in a hurry. Here are 10 ways with examples to make your blog’s comment form stand out from the crowd. 1. Change the Layout … Read More

CSS Tooltip Box Without Images

The tooltip boxes you see on many websites are though created using background images but there’s another way out using just CSS  without requiring any background images. To create the tooltip box, create one outer div that encapsulates the information and the pointer div. <div class=”tooltip”> Tooltip content goes here… <div class=”pointer”> <div class=”inner-pointer”></div> </div> … Read More

Quick & Easy Way to Implement Drag n Share With jQuery

You must have seen the drag to share functionality on Mashable that lets visitors share the content on popular social networks intuitively. Just drag one of the images in an article and you’ll be able to share the article on your favorite social network by dropping the dragged image over its icon. Even, Nettuts has written a … Read More

12 Lesser Known But Useful WordPress Hacks

WordPress is not only a great blogging tool but a great content management platform that provides a lot of ways to let you hack into into its functionality to make it do whatever you want. Here are 12 lesser known wordpress hacks/ tricks that you might find useful for your next WordPress related project. Most … Read More

Create Post Only For Your RSS Subscribers in WordPress

To benefit their regular readers, blog owners some times need to create posts only for those who subscribe to their RSS Feed. The benefit might be some promotional scheme, freebies or discount announcement that you only want to provide to your regular RSS subscribers. Here’s how to do it if you have a WordPress powered … Read More

Saving State For Collapsible Drag Drop Panels

I earlier posted about Collapsible Drag and Drop Panels using jQuery where many of you asked about how to save the state of panels and retrieve them when user loads the page again. Here’s the complete solution to that problem using MySQL database to store the state of panels. Also, there were some browser dependent problems which … Read More